SERVIR Himalaya

The overarching purpose of the SERVIR-Himalaya initiative is to improve environmental decision-making in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH) region through dissemination and analysis of earth observation information. Stakeholders for this kind of information range from decision-makers at the regional level addressing transboundary issues, to national governments, scientists, students, the general public, USAID, other donors, and development practitioners working in the region. Ultimately, SERVIR should help to reach beyond the scientific community to ensure an impact on communities. It is intended to strengthen ICIMOD’s capabilities as an established regional resource center on geospatial information and earth observation applications for the HKH region.


2010 - 2014

Geographical coverage

The Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH) region

Core financial partners/development


Contact information

Basanta Shrestha
Division Head, MENRIS