8-10 August 2011: Decision Support Tools and Approaches for Ecosystem Management


A training workshop on ‘Decision Support Tools and Approaches for Ecosystem Management’ was successfully organised by ICIMOD and the College of Environment and Architecture of Sichuan University from 8 to 10 August, 2011 at Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. There were 24 participants in the workshop. Of these, 16 participants came from 9 different protection areas and natural reserves of Sichuan Province. Two participants were from the Chinese Academy of Science, Chengdu; and six from the College of Environment and Architecture, Sichuan University. 

The workshop was conducted by Mr Sudip Pradhan and Mr Hammad Gilani from ICIMOD with the assistance of Ms Xia Chen and Ms Xia Wang from Sichuan University, who translated the presentations and other content from English to Chinese throughout the workshop.

The workshop provided an introduction to the participants on hard and soft system tools such as scenario planning, qualitative modelling, and system dynamics modelling in the context of systemic planning and the management of protected area ecosystems. In addition, the workshop contained hands-on exercise sessions in which the participants learned to use ICIMOD's Decision Support Toolbox (DST) software and also gained skills in developing system dynamics models using Simile software. During the concluding session of the workshop, a number of participants expressed their gratitude for being able to learn the DST software and associated tools and methods, and they hoped that the DST could be used in future to address issues in their protected areas.