4 September 2011: Knowledge Forum with Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri: ‘Climate Change in the Himalayas and the Way Forward’


Dr RK Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), delivered a talk on 'Climate Change in the Himalayas and the Way Forward' at the ICIMOD Knowledge Forum held in Kathmandu on 4 September 2011.  

Dr Pachauri began by shedding light on the history, mandate and modus operandi of the IPCC, noting that hundreds of top scientists from around the world are working hard to bring out the Fifth Assessment Report by 2014. 

He also stated that during the last century, the average global temperature increased by 0.74º C, and the sea level rose by 17 cm. He ascribed this rapid global warming to a large extent to anthropogenic factors. 

Dr Pachauri underscored the importance of planned adaptation and the co-benefits arising from mitigation actions aimed at containing global warming through the application of transformational technologies (such as those promoted by TERI’s ‘Lighting a Billion Lights’ campaign) as well as measures such as the carbon price signal, regulation, standards, carbon taxes, and valuation of and payment for ecosystem goods and services. 

Last but not least, he called upon the countries in the region to put aside their differences and to join hands to come up with a common programme of action – backed by resources and shared outcomes – to save the Himalayas.