Mountain people are among the most marginalised populations worldwide. Besides living in remote and often harsh environment, their voices are rarely heard, their knowledge and experience seldom acknowledged and their needs barely addressed in broader national development strategies. Disadvantaged groups like indigenous peoples, minorities or women are particularly affected by the unfavourable governance situation which is exacerbated by the living conditions in the mountains. Aware that overall governance structures from local to international level and social inequities hinder sustainable development in the mountains, ICIMOD is committed to promote equity and empower mountain people. 

The Gender and Governance Division ensures that issues related to gender and governance are mainstreamed within ICIMOD both internally (with reference to the attitudes, behaviour and procedures of the organisation) and operationally in the three programmatic areas. In addition, the Division is part of a regional network which aims to analyse and document best practices and is actively involved in the capacity development of ICIMOD’s partners.
The Gender and Governance Division is to mainstream gender and governance issues institutionally to promote just societies and promote gender equality for sustainable mountain development. To achieve this goal, ICIMOD addresses gender and governance issues in all of its interventions – through policy advocacy, research, capacity building programmes, and partnerships with likeminded organizations but also supports changes in the organisational culture. 


  • Document the gender and governance issues related to development and environment in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas
  • Build the capacity of ICIMOD’s professionals and partners to identify and address gender and governance issues in  mountain development
  • Promote right to information on development and environmental issues with ICIMOD’s partners and mountain communities
  • Support institutional development initiatives for promoting good governance and mainstreaming gender equity
  • Promote gender equity and good governance in the HKH region for mountain development