Meeting of Minds – International Conference on Sharing of Experiences in the Design and Implementation of Adaptation Strategies and Programmes in Asian Mountain Regions


The participants of this workshop are expected to actively engage in discussions during the meetings and to contribute by own interventions from their professional experience and institutional embeddedness. The group that has been selected is representing the five regions that are covered by the GIZ-sponsored mountain programme, i.e., Pamirs of Tajikistan, Hindu-kush and Karakoram in Pakistan, West Kun Lun Shan and Tien Shan in Xinjiang, the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas in Tibet and Nepal. The aim of the meeting is to share experiences from the regions and to develop policies and practices that could contribute in packages and schemes for the respective Asian mountain region.

The challenges and constraints affiliated to global and climate change severely impact Asian mountain regions and lead to a wide spectrum of adaptations. The aim of our meeting of minds is to learn from national experiences and to identify replicable role models. The sharing of knowledge is a necessary precondition for formulating areas, sectors and instances for regional cooperation. Due to the nature of the mountain programme special emphasis will be put on capacity development and knowledge management for the benefit of mountain communities.

Venue: Cathedral Peak Hotel in Drakensberg and
            Selborne Resort (close to Durban)