12 – 17 June: ICIMOD participates in the International Summer School on Food Security and Climate Change


Mr Ujol Sherchan, Senior Programme Officer, IKM-ICIMOD, participated in the International Summer School on Food Security and Climate Change held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 12-17 June 2011.  

Mr Sherchan led one of the sessions on ‘Climate Change Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation Aspects Focusing on the Himalayan Region’. The talk and the ensuing discussions focused on global and regional warming trends; sectoral impacts of climate change in the region, especially of ‘too much, too little water’; conceptual understanding of vulnerability and a few of its assessment tools, culminating in adaptation aspects that intersect with disaster risk reduction and development;  and the implications of the Cancun Adaptation Framework and National Adaptation Programme on Adaptation (NAPA) for Nepal.  Two short films, ‘Living with Floods’ and ‘In the Grip of Drought’, were screened to show how the people of Panchkhal, Nepal and in the Brahmaputra river basin in Assam, India, have been coping with the situation of ‘too much, too little’ water. The films were followed by further discussions. 

The International Summer School was jointly organised by the International School of Advance Studies (ISAS) and Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) based in Kathmandu, and the University of Pavia based in Italy, to enhance the analytical and planning capabilities of university students, professional staff from government and non government organisations, and researchers to address climate change and food security issues.