28 June: Greatly improved Daycare Centre at ICIMOD


The ICIMOD Daycare Centre, officially launched in 1996, has come a long way, having completed 15 years of operation. It has been providing essential services to working mothers, which are still hard to find, even in the western world.  It was considered pioneering effort at that point in time in Nepal.

While working, parents know that their children are in their immediate proximity in a safe place where they are getting excellent care. Entering into the professional world after maternity leave has been made much easier and smoother thanks to the ICIMOD Daycare Centre. Following the initiative of the mothers using the Daycare Centre and with the generous support of the Directorate, the centre has recently been greatly improved. The size has been increased] and it has been refurbished and equipped with new toys as well as a new outdoor playground. These changes are making a true difference to the parents and children of ICIMOD and will benefit many more children to come. ICIMOD thus fully promotes a family-friendly environment at work!