6 – 8 July: A three-day mountain specific value chain training workshop conducted in Shillong


A three-day, mountain-specific value chain training workshop was conducted from 6 July to 8 July 2011 in Shillong, under the project, ‘Livelihoods and Ecosystem Services in the Himalayas: Enhancing Adaptation Capacity and Resilience of Poor to Climate and Socio-economic changes’ (AdaptHimal). The training was organised by the North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project (NERCORMP) and was funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Fourteen staff members who are business development and natural resource management officers working in the project districts of Assam, Meghalaya, and Manipur states of NE India attended the training. The objective of the training workshop was to enhance the knowledge and the build capacity of participants in understanding and applying the mountain-specific value chain development approach in the context of improved product marketing, and to improve market linkages for enhanced income generation and socioeconomic development. The training was based on the value links module but was modified by integrating the mountain-specific framework while selecting the chain and strategies, highlighting why value chains in the mountains are different and need to be treated differently. 

The major outcome of the training was to build the capacity of the partners to understand the concept of the mountain-specific value chain and to conduct value chain analysis. Three high-value niche products from Northeast India: King chilli, ginger, and honey, have been selected for further intervention to as these products can provide a comparative advantage to producers while simultaneously addressing mountain specificities. Leverage points were identified and strategies along with action plans were developed on the basis of leverage points to be addressed in the year 2011/ 2012.