28 – 29 July: Expert Group Meeting ‘Ensuring Energy Security and Enhancing Alternative Technologies’


The Expert Group meeting ‘Ensuring Energy Security and Enhancing Alternative Technologies’ was convened in Kathmandu on 28-29 July 2011. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Nepal (GoN) with the technical support of UNDP. ICIMOD provided facilitation support to GoN to organise the meeting.  

The Expert Group meeting is part of the preparatory process leading to the ‘Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas – Bhutan 2011’ which will be convened in Bhutan on 19 November 2011. The experts of the participating countries, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal held comprehensive deliberations on the issues related to climate change and energy security. The two-day Regional Experts Group on Energy Security came up with five key strategies with actions for regional cooperation. The strategies are:

  • enhancing access to affordable and reliable energy services for all through cleaner energy resources and technologies;
  • promoting diversification in the supply and use of cleaner energy resources;                       
  • exploring opportunities and the impact of regional connectivity for electricity and natural gas;
  • enhancing energy efficiency;  and                                     
  • mainstreaming climate resilience in energy systems.

Prior to the meeting in Kathmandu, three regional meetings have successfully concluded. The Government of Bangladesh organised the expert regional meeting on water on 2-3 July, the Royal Government of Bhutan organised the expert meeting on biodiversity on 12-13 July, and the Government of India organised the meeting on food security on 25-26 July, 2011.