29 July: Highlights of ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari, January – July 2011


During the period January to July 2011, the Godavari Framework (business plan) was finalised and put into operation. The activities in the plan include the construction of ICIMOD Point II and trail improvement in a 30-ha area. 

The Centre also provided support to the herbal garden initiative of ICIMOD and the Children Green Nepal Network (CGNN) in Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts. A total of 2426 visitors, including 519 policy and decision makers, 696 farmers, and 1211 students from the HKH region Nepal had visited the centre as of the end of July 2011.   

The Centre initiated Shitake mushroom cultivation for demonstration and income generation. The facilities in the Godavari Centre were used to conduct training sessions organised by ICIMOD programmes. Altogether, five training sessions were conducted and 72 participants benefited from these events during the period.