1 August: ICIMOD goes ‘green’

ICIMOD is going ‘green’ and more environment-friendly by taking simple in-house measures at our Headquarters. In our effort to reduce our carbon footprint we have added three small electric Reva cars to our fleet. Unlike normal vehicles operating on fossil fuel, these cars run on power from inbuilt battery packs which do not release emissions. We have also installed a solar array of 4.9 KW capacity which is used to recharge the electric cars. The solar radiation during the daytime is captured by 28 mono crystalline photovoltaic PV panels, which are inverted to normal electricity to re-charge the electric cars. We are also exploring options for bigger eco-friendly, low-emission vehicles. Waste water generated in the Headquarters is recycled to irrigate the garden. ICIMOD has installed a ‘constructed wetland’ waste water treatment plant on an area of about 54 sq.m for this purpose. The waste water is filtered through the reed beds planted in the constructed wetland. 

Another eco-friendly initiative within the premises has been the installation of a 10 cu.m biogas plant to recycle vegetation and waste food from the canteen to produce biogas for cooking. We have also made the ICIMOD complex a polybag-free zone. The use of eco-friendly bags is now encouraged. Coloured waste bins have been placed within the premises for disposing of bio-degradable, recyclable, and trash items.