Workshop on Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing for Rangeland Resource Assessment



The first step before engaging in any rangeland rehabilitation and management project should be centered toward mapping and assessing rangeland condition at the regional, national and local (site) level. In this respect, one of the most important indicators of rangeland condition and health is the percentage of the soil that is covered and protected from raindrops by plants and litter. Unfortunately, plant foliar and litter cover is generally not measured but rather estimated by technicians using traditional methods (quadrat, line or point intercept) which are tedious, time consuming, and require qualified staff and substantial financial resources. With the advances in technology, combining information from low-altitude sensors and geo-spatial data appears to offer an optimal path for developing a practical system for cost-effective, data-based, rangeland monitoring and management. In this workshop we intend to introduce participant to the Digital Vegetation Charting Technique (DVCT). The DVCT can be used at local scales, to speed up the collection, processing and storage of indicators of agro-ecosystem health. By coupling digital photography, differential global positioning systems technologies, information collected with accessory devices and computer software applied in a strict monitoring protocol enabled rapid sampling. Repeated measurements over time at the same locations provide information regarding environmental trend and rate of change. Coupling our local scale measurements with landscape scale remote sensing data such as satellite or high altitude aerial photography, we have a complete picture of vegetation dynamics and system change, which facilitates interpretation. 


The main objective of this workshop is to enhance knowledge and capacity of participants on:

  • Basics of GIS, GPS and remote sensing
  • Introduction to the digital vegetation charting technique
  • Hand-on experience using DVCT
  • Estimation of canopy cover of vegetation using VegMeasure® software

Trainer: Douglas E Johnson, Mounir Louhaichi

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Dr Abdul Wahid Jasra
Team Leader, RRM, Ecosystem Services
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