23–24 April: Building capacity of partners and honey producers of Alital VDC in Dadeldhura of Nepal in quality honey production

One of the major action points identified as a result of the value chain workshop organised by the honeybee project and its partner organisation in Alital VDC of Dadeldhura district of Nepal was to build the capacity of beekeepers in producing quality honey. Realising its importance, the honeybee project, together with its partner organisation, organised a three-day training for beekeepers in production, harvesting, and value addition of Apis cerana honey. The training was organised from 23 to 24 April 2011 in Alital for 28 participants including 18 men and 10 women. Seven of the participants were from the Dalit community. The participants were introduced to types of honey, its physico chemical characteristics, its uses, honey harvesting processes, and national and international standards of honey. The capacity of participants was also built in identifying good quality honey (e.g., whether a particular sample of honey is pure or adulterated with sugar); grading of honey according to its quality, source, and harvesting practices; and storage and labelling of honey.