28 April: National training course on ‘Remote Sensing based Monitoring and Assessment of Cryosphere – Snow and Glaciers’


A national training course on ‘Remote Sensing Based Monitoring and Assessment of Cryosphere – Snow and Glaciers’ was held at the Institute of Space Technology (IST) of Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), Islamabad from 18 to 22 April 2011. The course was jointly conducted by MENRIS of ICIMOD, SUPARCO, and the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) of Pakistan. 

Coinciding with Pakistan ICIMOD Day, the course was inaugurated by Dr Andreas Schild, Director General of ICIMOD, in the presence of Dr Amir Muhammad, Member of ICIMOD’s Programme Advisory Committee and Rector at FAST-University, Major General (Retired) Ahmed Bilal, Chairman of SUPARCO, Mr Shafqat Hussain Naghmi, Federal Secretary, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Mr Basanta Shrestha, Division Head MENRIS, and a number of guests from partner institutes/organisations, training participants, and resource persons from ICIMOD. After the inauguration in Hotel Margala, the training was conducted at the Institute of Space Technology (IST), SUPARCO. 

Twenty-eight participants from different national institutes/organisations and universities attended the five-day training course on the mapping, monitoring, and assessment of snow and glaciers through remote sensing data and techniques. Resource persons were Basanta Shrestha, Samjwal Bajracharya, Sudan Bikash Maharjan, Khun San Aung, and Hammad Gilani.