Street Drama - "Gauma badi pashyo"

In celebration of World Environment Day (5 June), ICIMOD is sponsoring a street drama entitled "Gauma Badi Pashyo" by Jagriti Samaj Nepal, a non-governmental organisation working in the social, cultural, and environmental sectors for two decades. The drama highlights the consequences of deforestation and the importance of forest conservation and protection.

Title:              Gauma badi pashyo

Date:             5 June 2011, Sunday

Duration:        25 min

Venue:           Ratna Park (3 PM), Hanuman Dhoka (4 PM)

Produced by:  Jagriti Samaj Nepal


Birkhe is an illiterate man but he has a lot of knowledge and feels a great deal of responsibility for protecting and conserving forests. He is against deforestation and advocates strongly for afforestation programmes in his village. Harka, on the contrary, is always cutting down trees and disregards the wise advice given by Birkhe. Nor does he listen to his wife's plea not to cut trees indiscriminately. One day after a heavy rain, a flood occurs in their village, accompanied by a landslide. It destroys the villagers' agricultural land, harvests, and animals. The landslide sweeps away Harka's house. The problem is particularly grave because of deforestation. Later Harka realises his mistakes and starts supporting the conservation programmes. The district forest representative, a highly respected person, leads the way for forest protection and conservation.