Results: Call for Case Studies

A panel of judges, ICIMOD experts on mountain biodiversity and related issues, has finally picked four ‘winning’ case studies from among the 28 received from the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region.  All the received case studies were evaluated by the panel based on criteria such as  i) whether the Case Study Template/Guideline was followed; ii) degree of significance and relevance of  the subject matter of the case study for the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region, and iii) quality of content and analysis. 

The FOUR WINNING CASE STUDIES that have been selected are as follows (in no particular order):  

  • CASE STUDY Title: "Enhancing Conservation and Livelihood Security in Biodiversity Hotspots"
    Implementing Organisation: Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Darjeeling (INDIA) 
    [Submitted by Mr. Suman Rai (), Regional Director, ATREE]
  • CASE STUDY Title: "Linkages between Akas and Their Forests: An Analysis of Problems and Prospects for Sustainable Development"
    Implementing Organisation: Department of Geography, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh (INDIA) 
    [Submitted by Dr. Gibji Nimachow ()]
  • CASE STUDY Title: "Afghanistan Pastoral Engagement, Adaptation, and Capacity Enhancement (PEACE) Project"
    Lead In-Country Implementer: Texas A & M University
    [Submitted by Daniel Miller ()]
  • CASE STUDY Title: "Community-Based Biodiversity Conservation"
    Implementing Organisation: North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project for Upland Areas (NERCORMP), Shillong, Meghalaya, India
    [Submitted by Dr. Vincent Darlong (), Country Programme Officer, IFAD India Country Office]
The panel has also cited the following case study for a SPECIAL MENTION:
  • CASE STUDY Title: "Countries, Communities and Conservation: Building Cooperation in Khanchenjunga"
    Implementing Organisation: The Mountain Institute (TMI) 
    [Submitted by Ms. Molly Clark-Barol (), TMI