Scaling Up and Out

ICIMOD recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of scaling up (vertical expansion) and scaling out (horizontal expansion) of innovations, programme ideas and solutions. Scaling up – or vertical expansion – can comprise: (a) programme institutionalisation means that the innovation, idea or solution is adopted by agencies at the provincial or national levels through policy action requiring pro-active promotion, engagement and advocacy; or (b) mainstreaming, which is generally externally driven and represents adoption by other agencies in their programmes as a policy, also requiring active engagement and facilitation. Scaling out, or horizontal expansion adoption. Scaling out – or horizontal expansion – can comprise: (a) adoption or adaptation which is spontaneous, organic uptake or copying which may require demonstration; or (b) replication which may be assisted or externally driven by NGOs or projects which require facilitation and promotion.

Some scaling examples include:

Scaling up organic agriculture practices in Bhutan

Upon the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Royal Government of Bhutan, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) through its Himalica Initiative extended its support to develop a roadmap – “Organic Agriculture Development Strategies: Roadmap for 12th Five Year Plan and Beyond” – which reviews the progress of participatory organic agriculture in Bhutan and proposes recommendations in scaling up these practices.
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