Write-shop on gender research methodology for Kabul University researchers



The Strengthening Water Resources Management in Afghanistan (SWaRMA) Initiative, implemented by ICIMOD and supported by the Governments of Australia and Afghanistan, commissioned a Kabul University team led by Mohammad Khalid Habibi, Professor of Gender Studies, to conduct a study examining how and to what degree water resources management agencies consider gender and social inclusion in their policies, programmes, planning, and practice. The team was tasked with identifying challenges, constraints, and opportunities for gender and social inclusion. The field work and literature review for this study, which was commissioned in March 2019, have been completed. 

Accordingly, a write-shop will be held on 23–24 June 2019 that will bring together three of the researchers to draft a report. The write-shop will be led and facilitated by Chanda Gurung Goodrich, Senior Gender Specialist – Gender Lead. The workshop will include the finalization of the report’s outline, discussions on the findings and analysis, review of any gaps, recommended solutions, and completion of the report’s zero draft. 


The write-shop aims to prepare a skeleton draft report ready in the two days, which will guide and help the researchers complete the draft report by mid-July.