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MU–SANDEE–HUC Research and Writing Workshop on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

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The form contains three sections. Section ONE includes your cover letter and a CV. Section TWO refers to the proposed study. Section THREE refers to the personal information of Principal Investigator. 

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Section ONE

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Attach file (maximum 2MB)

Section TWO

C. Research information

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Information of additional co-investigator

Information of additional co-investigator

Information of additional co-investigator

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F. Research problem*

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G. Policy context*

Describe how your research will inform specific management or policy reforms (max. 150 words)

H. Objectives*

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I. Literature review*

Please restrict your review to literature most pertinent to the study you are proposing (max. 200 words)

J. Hypotheses/research questions to be tested or answered (25 words each)

K. Analytical methods*

Economic/behavioural theory that your study will rely on for testing hypotheses/answering research questions (max. 150 words)

L. Study site description*

Description of the study site (if any) and data* (max. 100 words)

M. Proposed empirical analysis (max. 100 words)

M. Potential policy implications (max. 100 words)

Section THREE

A. Personal details of Principal Investigator

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