12 March: ‘Know Your Mountains’ Documentary Show and Quiz


The 'Know Your Mountains' Documentary Show and Quiz was organised as part of ICIMOD's Open House Day on 11 March 2011 to familiarise visitors with a wide range of mountain topics in the spirit of 'edu-tainment'. As part of the show, ten documentary films were screened, mostly dealing with climate change and adaptation. Particularly well received were 'Dynamic Earth - NASA Observes Our Ever-Changing Planet' (2009), produced by NASA; 'In the Grip of Drought' (2009), by ICIMOD; 'A Man Called Nomad' (2002), by Alex Gabbay; 'Impacts of Climate Change in the Himalayas', by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Nepal; 'Combating Climate Change in Gokyo' by WWF Nepal; and 'Living with Floods' (2009), by ICIMOD.

Between screenings, the audience were quizzed on topics such as mountaineering, mountain biodiversity, and mountain culture. In total, 70 questions were asked, each accompanied by a visual clue flashed on screen. Forty ICIMOD caps and 30 coffee mugs were given away as prizes. The Documentary Show and Quiz was an enormous hit with the audience. Given the positive feedback, ICIMOD intends to continue this event in its much-improved avatar in the future.