12 March 2011: Youth Corner on Climate Change Adaptation


Climate change is real and unavoidable. To find sustainable solutions to climate change it is important that we develop sustainable leadership with the will power to tackle these issues in every possible way. ICIMOD, through its Asia-Pacific Mountain Network (APMN), is celebrating the International Year of Youth (2010–2011), aiming to find ways to mainstream youth efforts in the climate debate, especially in the context of mountains and mountain people. The overall idea is to improve the understanding of youth on this topic, create mountain interest among the youth, enhance their skills, build their capacity, and provide them with a platform to express their views and test their understanding. This is realised through various activities such as online and offline discussions, learning events, network meetings, the sharing of good practices, and photo and writing contests.

As part of this, an art competition called ‘Youth Corner on Climate Change Adaptation’ was organised for Nepalese youth in early 2011. The ten winning entries were exhibited through Yuva Chautari, the Nepali version of the initiative as part of ICIMOD’s Open House on 12 March 2011. Yuva Chautari also featured a drama on same theme, directed by the British Council’s International Climate Champion, Rambabu Regmi.