15–17 March 2011: Workshop on ‘Validating the New Generation of Watershed Management in Asia and the Pacific’

ICIMOD and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization jointly organised a workshop on ‘Validating the New Generation of Watershed Management in Asia and the Pacific’ in Kathmandu from 15 to 17 March. The workshop brought together watershed specialists from 14 countries from public sector organisations, civil society, the donor fraternity, and research and development agencies, and included a field trip to analyse a functional transaction mechanism for drinking water service. The workshop facilitated sharing of recent experiences on watershed management at different geographical scales; watershed management and linkages with climate change adaptation and mitigation; approaches to link community-based watershed management with long-term river basin management; current thinking and experiences in relation to sustainable funding mechanisms for watershed management, including payment for environmental services (PES) and climate change related mechanisms such as REDD+; and knowledge management on modelling and monitoring watershed dynamics. Group work led to several observations and recommendations. The data sharing and collection process was emphasised, as was the need to build viable institutional mechanisms for a regional cooperation framework and address national needs for results-based monitoring in watershed management. It was stressed that climate resilience, the capacities of land management institutions, and the inclusion of vulnerable people need to be considered.