18 March: ICIMOD participates in the British School’s Eco Festival


ICIMOD participated in the British School’s Eco Festival on 18 March 2011, organised by the school’s Eco Club. The first of its kind, the festival aimed to raise awareness, share the positive environmental steps that individuals and organisations are taking in Nepal, and raise money for the eco charity, Children for Green New Nepal.

The festival consisted of stalls by various organisations selling eco friendly items, food, games, music, and activities. ICIMOD had two stalls: one selling kiwi fruit and kiwi fruit jam from ICIMOD’s Knowledge Park at Godavari and the other showcasing the Herbal Gardens Initiative with posters and publications from ICIMOD, along with a herbal soup prepared by Suryodaya and Annal Jyoti Secondary School and information on herbal plants displayed by Ullens School.

The festival was an opportunity for organisations working for environment conservation to raise awareness about the work they do and disseminate information. The stalls were run by students of all ages providing an example of how everyone can play a part in making Nepal an eco friendly environment.