Help Save the Third Pole - Take Climate Action Now!

ICIMOD is convinced that you can make a difference by joining the HELP SAVE THE THIRD POLE Campaign. Make Climate your CSR through the ICIMOD Foundation. The ICIMOD Foundation is the most reliable way to sustain ICIMOD’s work for mountains and people. The ICIMOD Foundation proposes two different ways for you to support ICIMOD’s engagement for the Save the Third Pole Campaign: endowment and programmed focused contributions.

Your contribution will help the ICIMOD Foundation’s endowment fund or programme contribution to provide a continuous and adequate flow of funds to preserve the Third Pole region as a water tower for the entire region, and to help communities adapt both to save our cultural and environmental heritage, and to reduce socioeconomic tensions. Your contribution will allow ICIMOD to finance the enhancement of its activities with maximum reliability. It enables ICIMOD to perform its mission with maximum effectiveness. With the yield of the funds for the ICIMOD Foundation, ICIMOD will be able to work effectively as a change agent and promoter of technical innovation for the whole region.