Why partner with ICIMOD

As a Climate Change Expert

For close to three decades, ICIMOD has focused on responding to the challenges of global change and especially climate change by enhancing the resilience and supporting adaptation of mountain communities. Almost all of ICIMOD’s activities are involved in some way with climate change in mountain areas; whether measuring change per se and gathering good information to help understanding, the essential basis for good planning, or helping communities to recognise, respond, and adapt to such changes.

As a Facilitator of Knowledge Transfer

ICIMOD is a facilitator of knowledge transfer across the region and has served as a knowledge, learning, and enabling centre for the past quarter of a century ICIMOD works within the mountain perspective framework, characterised by an understanding of the imperatives of mountain conditions such as fragility inaccessibility, marginality, diversity, specific niche opportunities, and the human adaptation practices that hill and mountain communities have evolved while making livelihood-related decisions.

As an Agent for Sustainable Mountain Development

ICIMOD has a comparative advantage as a regional organisational that can bring key partners from local national and regional level to the table to share experience and solve common problems, while still maintaining close links to the grassroots. ICIMOD does this by working together with a wide range of organisations and communities at national and local levels, including governments, NGOs, development researchers, and practitioners.

As a Catalyst for Promoting Regional Transboundary Cooperation

ICIMOD’s statutory non-political nature is essential for its regional role. ICIMOD works with and through regional partners. Its independent position creates a platform for scientists, professionals, and policy makers to contribute to the integrated approaches that are essential to success. Since natural phenomena are transboundary in nature, ICIMOD is uniquely positioned to act in this capacity, since it is a facilitator and enabler for developing and enhancing regional solutions.