Revisiting the SnowAMP Programme’s Results Framework


The Snow Accumulation and Melt Process (SnowAMP) programme, a collaborative effort initiated by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative in 2013, is entering its second phase in 2019. With support from the Government of Norway, the SnowAMP plan for 2019–2022 will continue to build on the collaboration between the NVE and ICIMOD on glacio-hydrological monitoring and modelling. The programme will also widen its scope with activities supporting the development of Nepal’s hydropower and energy sectors. Accordingly, a one-day workshop is organized on 12 February 2019 to revisit the programme’s Results Framework and adopt a more focused approach, select the most appropriate strategies, and allocate resources to achieve the objectives of SnowAMP’s second phase.


The Snow-AMP programme was initiated to enhance the limited existing knowledge on snow-cover dynamics and snow melt and its contribution to runoff in the Himalayas. The programme was successfully implemented in 2015 with the installation of four snow-monitoring automatic weather stations in Langtang Valley. The stations provide new high-altitude data on snow height and snow water equivalent. The data collected are used to validate the snow-evolution model and study the contributions of snow melt to water runoff in the Langtang catchment. The regular fieldwork is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), Government of Nepal.

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