Reeju Shrestha

(Photo: Chimi Seldon/ICIMOD)

Reeju Shrestha, MS by Research in Glaciology

Kathmandu, Nepal 


“Cryosphere research is a vast subject. There is still much I have to learn about. After obtaining my MS degree, I will try to get more field experience before pursuing further studies.”

Reeju Shrestha graduated from KU’s MS by Research in Glaciology programme in December 2018 after successfully defending her thesis on the effect of debris on ice melt in Ponkar Glacier, Manang, Nepal, from 2016 to 2018. She wanted to contribute to the Ponkar Glacier database as most debris-covered glaciers, apart from Lirung Glacier, have not been extensively researched. She hopes that KU will be able to establish a long-term monitoring programme in Ponkar Glacier, thereby providing easier access to diverse research sites for its students. 

Shrestha is a passionate trekker, likes socializing, and is always looking for new challenges.