Abhijit Baidya

(Photo: Chimi Seldon/ICIMOD)

Abhijit Baidya, MS by Research in Glaciology  

Ilam, Nepal


“The programme at KU is an integrated course involving remote sensing, hydrology, and programming languages, among other topics and technologies relevant to glaciology. It imparts different skillsets that students can use to their advantage in any field.” 

Abhijit Baidya completed his MS by Research in Glaciology from KU in 2016. He has since been able to apply his knowledge and skill in several short-term development projects. 

Having previously been interested in hydropower studies, Baidya shifted to glaciology to learn more about modelling. His thesis was on hydrological modelling using the SPHY model in the Tamur River basin. He is focused on improving his skills in modelling. 

Abhijit Baidya believes hydrology is still a developing field in the Hindu Kush Himalaya and especially in Nepal, where extensive knowledge has not yet been produced to influence decision making on cryosphere monitoring and related policies. He is hopeful of contributing to the development of a vibrant, research-based society in the field.