Anushilan Acharya

(Photo: Chimi Seldon/ICIMOD)

Anushilan Acharya, MS by Research in Glaciology 

Bardaghat, Nawal Parasi, Nepal


“Mountain communities are direct witnesses to receding snowlines, but they do not understand the reasons behind this or its significance. I hope our cryosphere research will help them fully understand the changes someday.”

Anushilan Acharya recently defended her well-received thesis to graduate from KU’s two-year MS by Research in Glaciology programme in December 2018. Acharya’s thesis focused on the mass and energy balance of Yala Glacier in Langtang Valley, Nepal, using data from 2011 to 2017. She used the glaciological method, which involves observed data collected through stake and snow density measurement, and the energy balance method, using meteorological data from the Yala Glacier basecamp and Kyanjing, Langtang Valley. Acharya’s research findings show that Yala Glacier lost mass during the observed period.

She is an avid trekker and enjoys interacting with mountain communities about their changing environments and struggles; this drives her research on receding snowlines.