Solar pump owner: Amrica Devi Yadav
District: Saptari
VDC: Raypur
Command area 1.35 hectares
Current crops Seasonal paddy, wheat, aquaculture, & year-round vegetables
Future plans Expansion of vegetable production & aquaculture
“Our farm has seen continued success because of solar irrigation.”  - Amrica Devi Yadav

Amrica Devi Yadav is a commercial vegetable farmer. She is able to produce vegetables year-round, and is able to support her family through agriculture. Amrica has a solar pump and her family’s farmland under her name. She has been involved in agriculture from a young age and has continued the practices she has learned. When she got married, her mother-in-law was active in agriculture and Amrica followed in her footsteps. She is completely devoted to making her farm a success and providing for her family. Her farm has been a pilot site for ICIMOD’s solar power irrigation pump for the past two and a half years. Since the installation of the solar pump, Amrica has achieved incredible success on her land and in her production. 

Amrica is a completely independent farmer. Her independence can largely be attributed to solar irrigation. Before, she relied on diesel and electric pumps. Both of these systems presented daily obstacles. She was unable to operate the diesel pump by herself. She had to rely on her husband or one of her sons. The electric pump, on the other hand, was easier for Amrica to operate, but the system was unreliable and carried the risk of short circuits. Solar irrigation has alleviated all of these concerns. The solar irrigation system is extremely easy to operate; all it takes is the flip of a switch. The solar pump is also reliable and safe to use. The pump is powered with solar energy, so there are no fuel costs or operational expenses. 

Since the installation, Amrica has been able to diversify her practices and expand her farm. She attended the aquaculture and vegetable training and project workshop organized by ICIMOD. She has since adopted the new practices and information from these trainings. She has expanded her vegetable production and wants to continue the expansion in the future. Her family finds this practice most profitable because they are able to cultivate vegetables all year round. They have also started aquaculture since the installation of the solar pump. They used the information gained at the training while starting this new practice. Solar irrigation has brought Amrica immense success and made her a leader in her community. 

Amrica is dedicated to ensuring that she can provide for her family through agriculture. She is actively involved in every aspect of the farm. She is continuously reinvesting in agriculture and modern technology to reduce her workload and increase her harvests. Apart from expanding the land for vegetable farming and starting aquaculture, Amrica has invested in a power tiller, which has made tilling their land much easier. She understands the benefits of modern technology in agriculture and is eager to further modernize her farm.

Solar irrigation has empowered Amrica and helped her become an independent female farmer. She is able run the farm without any assistance, and she is very successful in doing so. Amrica has steadily expanded her family farm into a large commercial vegetable farm. She constantly gathers new information and ideas. She is a source of inspiration for other farmers in her community, especially women.