Solar pump owner: Rambha Devi Yadav
District: Saptari
VDC: Bathnaha
Command area 1.39 hectares
Current crops Cereal crops & aquaculture
Future plans Expansion of aquaculture
“Modern technology has helped ensure the success of our farm and reduced the amount of time we have to spend on managing it.” - Rambha Devi Yadav

Rambha Devi is carrying on the legacy of her ancestors. Farming is a family tradition that has been passed down through generations, she and her husband are proud to continue in agriculture. They hope to continue expanding the farm for their children, who will one day take over the family occupation. They want to increase his farmland as well as adopt more forms of modern technology.  Currently, they run a business that specializes in sells arming tools. Their first step towards modern technology was the investment in a solar powered irrigation system. Solar irrigation has brought them a lot of success and they are eager to continue investing in modern technology. 

Rambha and her family have long been engaged in cereal crop cultivation. In an effort to diversify their family’s farming practices, they alsostarted aquaculture around 15 years ago. Intially, the family relied on an 8 HP diesel pump to supply the required water. The diesel pump was an inefficient and expensive way to obtain water. However, at one point this was the only option available for irrigation. The only other alternative they found was an electric pump, but in their area electricity was unreliable, which made this an unviable solution. Rambha then heard about an irrigation system that could extract groundwater using solar energy. Interested, her husband contacted Sabal Nepal, which provided him more information on solar irrigation and invited him to a promotion and demonstration event. After attending the event and witnessing the efficiency of the system, Rambha and her husbandapplied for the installation of their own system. After the installation, the Yadav family has seen some remarkable changes in their farm. 

Rambha’s husband attended the vegetable and aquaculture training provided by ICIMOD for farmers who owned solar pumps. The training gave him insights on how best to use his solar pump to expand his aquaculture farm. The training also inspired him to try vegetable farming in the near future with the seeds provided at the training. Rambha is excited about how solar irrigation is going to help him further expand the aquaculture farm. The irrigation system is highly reliable and has given the family a flexibility to decide which crops they want to cultivate. 

The Yadav family has found a modern solution to help expand their family profession. Solar irrigation has improved the overall production of their farm. They want to reinvest their income back into their farm. Rambha and her husband hopes that their ability to expand and diversify the family farm will make it easier for their sons to continue the family profession. They hope that their sons will not only inherit the family tradition, but also adopt modern technology and practices.