Solar pump owner: Arjun Dev Singh Parmar
District: Saptari
VDC: Kanchanpur
Command area 1.35 hectares
Current crops Cereal crops, vegetables, & mango orchard
Future plans Expansion of mango orchard
“I no longer have issues irrigating my land, even on the steep terrain.”  - Arjun Dev Singh Parmar

Arjun Parmar is a commercial mango farmer. He also cultivates a variety of other crops and leases out part of his land. He has seen major increases in production since he installed a solar irrigation pump. Before, he relied on a canal and a diesel pump. Over the years the canal had dried up and diesel became more and more expensive. Continuing like that was not an option for Arjun. Since he invested in solar irrigation, Arjun has gained reliable access to water at a low cost.

Arjun’s farmlands are situated in an area with higher elevation. It was not easy for him to supply water for paddy because the area is not flat and the water would constantly run out. He also had difficulty distributing water to the different areas of his farmland. Constantly re-pumping water using diesel was expensive. Distribution of water from the canal was equally challenging.  Now, however, he does not face any of these issues. Since he installed the solar pump, he has found an affordable way to irrigate his land all year round. The pump is reliable and easy to use. He simply turns the pump on in the morning and turns it off at night. The pump has a high discharge capacity and is able to run all day without any attention or maintenance. Solar irrigation has no fuel or operational costs. As it runs on solar energy, it has allowed Arjun to save on diesel and electricity. Access to reliable water has increased his crop growing capacity as well. He is now getting much larger yields. He is even able to cultivate vegetables now with the surplus water. His success has also drawn the attention of other farmers. Arjun leases out part of his land. The people who lease his land have access to the solar pump and are able to use it to improve their production as well. Arjun gets 50% of what is produced, in exchange for the use of the land and water. 

Arjun leases his land for the same reason that he is unable to expand: labour. He would like to expand his vegetable production; however it is hard to find the labour required to maintain the land. His children have married or are abroad, so Arjun works on the farm by himself. He does however hope to expand his mango orchard. He is able to do this now since he has reliable access to water, and mango orchards require limited attention. He will continue to grow vegetables and paddy on a small scale for his family’s consumption, and hopes to earn even more profit after the expansion of his mango orchard.

Solar irrigation has solved the problems that Arjun faced in irrigating his field. It is also helping other farmers who lease land from Arjun and are contributing to the Parmar family’s success. Solar irrigation has not only increased the productivity of his land, it has also raised his hopes of being able to expand his commercial mango orchard.