Solar pump owner: Murari Karki
District: Saptari
VDC: Phattepur
Command area 0.91 hectares
Current crops Cereal crops, aquaculture & vegetables
Future plans Expansion of aquaculture & vegetable production
“My land was barren and completely unproductive, but now I am able to cultivate vegetables and want to expand my production.” – Murari Karki

Murari Karki is now able to use all of his land for agriculture and to produce an income. Before he installed the solar irrigation system, the land was barren. He could not cultivate any crops on the land on which the pump is currently installed. Now, however, he is successfully growing vegetables and has started aquaculture. He has seen a major increase in production. His fish farm is in an initial phase but he is confident that he will be make a more substantial income by next year. 

After installing the solar pump, Murari attended the vegetable and aquaculture training provided by ICIMOD. At the training, he learned about the best techniques for using the solar irrigation system. He immediately started to cultivate vegetables using the seeds he received at the training. He found much success, especially now that he such a reliable water source. He wants to get the soil tested by the Agriculture Research Centre to determine what kinds of crops will grow best on this land, and what the water requirement will be. 

He has recently dug a pond for aquaculture. He got inspired to start fish farming at the training. He has been in contact with the Fish Farming Institute, which has provided him more information and advice. He believes he will able able to increase his income once his aquaculture ponds are ready.  His son was working in Korea, but has recently returned to help him on the farm. This has inspired Murari to make sure his farm achieves success. Solar irrigation has significantly increased his chances of success in aquaculture. 

Before, Murari’s adopted daughter helped him on the farm. She found the solar pump far easier to use than the diesel pump. She was able to operate the system by herself, without anyone’s help. It was thus an empowering technology for her. Murari appreciated her contribution and had paid for her education. She recently got married and is no longer available to help him. 

Murari now devotes most of his time to his fish farm. Once his first pond is up and running, he plans to expand and add more ponds for aquaculture. His once barren land has improved drastically, allowing him to cultivate on the entire plot.  Murari and his son feel confident that solar irrigation will ensure the success of their family farm.