Solar pump owner: Anirudh Prasad Shah
District: Saptari
VDC: Inarwa Fulbadiya
Picture: Anirudh and wife Manju Shah
Command area 1.01 hectares
Current crops Vegetable & aquaculture
Future plans Expansion of current crops
“After attending the training it was easy to start these new practices.” - Anirudha Prasad Shah 

Manju Shah and her husband, Anirudha, are proud owners of a solar irrigation pump. They invested in the system over a year ago and have been able to grow and expand their farm. Manju and Anirudha work together to maintain their farm. Their children are young but also help out with the family occupation in any way they can. 

After the installation of the solar irrigation pump, Anirudha was able to attend an aquaculture and vegetable training provided by ICIMOD. Earlier, the Shah family only cultivated cereal crops. The farming tradition has been passed down from their ancestors. However, after gaining access to a reliable source of water and skills from the training, they decided that switching to aquaculture and vegetable farming could be more beneficial. Having seen an increase in their paddy production, they were confident that their new practices would also be successful. They added two new practices: fish and vegetable farming. As they expected, both these activities are going very well. They have now expanded their land by 0.33 hectares (10 katthas). 

Anirudha also owns a grinding mill and a tractor renting company. These two businesses keep him very occupied. This was why he really needed a simple and efficient irrigation system that wouldn’t demand too much time or labour. Manju is able to operate the system by herself when her husband is working. Even the children are able to use the system. They are hoping to expand their land for aquaculture in the future. They have successfully reared high-quality fish, and the practice does not require as much time or attention as cereal and vegetable crop farming does. They are confident about their decision to expand. Now, since they have a dependable source of water for irrigation, the possibilities are endless.

The Shah family has been able to expand their farm by adopting new practices. Their solar irrigation system has given them reliable access to water for irrigation. The project also gave them training that helped improve and diversify their practices. Solar irrigation is not only a reliable and affordable means of obtaining water, it can also help ensure the success of farmers.