Solar pump owner: Chhabi Lal Chaudhary
District: Saptari
VDC: Arnaha
Picture: Chhabi Lal’s son Naresh and wife Rubi Chaudhary
Command area 0.3 hectares
Current crops Aquaculture & cereal crops
Future plans Expansion of aquaculture
“Solar irrigation is a reliable, cost-effective system.” - Naresh Chaudhary (Chabi Lal’s son)

Naresh and his wife, Rubi Chaudhary, operate a large commercial aquaculture farm in Saptari. Naresh’s biggest dream is to see his aquaculture farm become the biggest and most successful in the area. He has moved closer towards fulfilling this dream since he invested in a solar powered irrigation system.

The solar powered system supplies water to three ponds on the Chaudhary family’s fish farm. Having a reliable source of water is crucial in aquaculture; without it the fish and his farm would not survive. The Chaudhary family has been engaged in fish farming for over 50 years. The farm and farm practices have been passed down from one generation to another. Naresh is striving to take his family’s commercial farm to great heights. He wants to make his ancestors proud by expanding the tradition they began. Solar irrigation has played a major part in the development of his farm. Not only is solar irrigation providing reliable access to water, it is also supplying water at a much lower cost. The new system is unlike traditional methods of irrigation. With no operational costs or fuel costs, this one-time investment has allowed the Chaudhary family to save their income. 

Along with fish farming, Naresh and his family are engaged in subsistence cereal crop farming. Aquaculture is carried out during the four-month season when they sell fingerlings to other fish farmers. The remainder of the year the Chaudhary family is devoted to cereal crop farming to feed themselves. During this period the solar irrigation system is used to irrigate their crops. This new irrigation system provides reliable access to water all year round, making the system extremely beneficial for farmers like Naresh and his family. 

Naresh has been able to save money since the installation of the solar irrigation system. He is reinvesting this money back into his farm. He is planning to buy a van or some other vehicle to deliver fish to his customers. This will hopefully draw more business and generate more income for the Chaudhary farm. 

Solar irrigation is a driving force in the development of the Chaudhary farm. The savings and flexibility offered by the system is helping Naresh expand his farm and grow into one of the largest in the area. Naresh has blended the ancient practices of his ancestors with modern technology. This is paying off and helping the Chaudhary family move towards success.