Solar pump owner: Kabita Kumari Chaudhary
District: Bara
VDC: Bishanpurwa
Command area 0.13 hectares
Current crops Vegetables
Future plans Expansion of vegetable production
“There are no drawbacks of the system.” – Kabita Kumari

Kabita Kumari Chaudhary has big plans now that she has installed a solar powered irrigation system. Kabita runs a shop. Her husband is employed as a bricklayer and often away on business. They are planning to get involved in vegetable farming. Before, they could not invest in agriculture because it required hard labour; Kabita’s husband was already occupied, making it impossible for her to do it alone. Operating a diesel pump on her own was the biggest challenge. Kabita is unable to work a diesel pump by herself because the task is too strenuous. They thought their dreams of becoming vegetable farmers were not going to come true, until Kabita’s husband talked to a friend who had just installed a solar powered irrigation system. He learned that the new system provided easy and reliable access to water for irrigation. If what they heard was true, this would be the perfect solution to their problems.

They installed the new irrigation system. The pump and the land are both in Kabita’s name. Additional discounts are offered on the system if the land and the equipment are in a woman’s name. This provision is aimed at empowering women in agriculture by providing them an affordable system. With the new irrigation system in place, Kabita can start vegetable farming all on her own. She is able to operate the solar irrigation system without anyone’s help. All it takes is the flip of a switch. The system is simple and reliable and has now become their main source of water for irrigation. As the system was installed only recently, they have yet to see its major effects, but they are confident that they will find success in the near future. 

In fact they are already thinking of expanding their farm in the future. Kabita’s husband believes this new system will bring them great yields. He wants to expand their production once that happens. They are even thinking about selling water. Solar irrigation has given them access to surplus water and they believe they can make an additional profit from it. 

Solar irrigation is helping Kabita to achieve her family’s dream of starting a vegetable farm. The surplus water has opened the possibility of earning extra income. Solar irrigation is a revolutionary technology, especially for women farmers, as it enables them to achieve great things independently.