Solar pump owner: Shanti Devi Koirini
District: Bara
VDC: Mahendra Adarsha
Command area 0.57 hectares
Current crops Aquaculture & cereal crops
Future plans Expansion of aquaculture
“Like many others in our area we have been successful with this new modern technology.” – Shayari Prasad Kushwaha, Shanti Devi’s son

Shyari Prasad Kushwaha and his mother, Shanti Devi Koirini, became subsistance family two years ago. Before, Shyari was a full-time businessman and ran a clothing store. He hadn’t had much success in his business, but he could see others in his community prospering; they were subsistence aquaculture farmers who had adopted modern technology. This piqued Shyari’s and Shanti’s interest and they decided to invest in a solar irrigation system and start their own aquaculture farm. The farmland and the pump is under Shanti’s name; additional discounts are offered if the land and equipment are in a woman's name. This provision seeks to empower female farmers by providing them easier access to water for irrigation.

Earlier Shyari Prasad and Shanti Devi used to grow cereal crops on their small land and saw limited success. They had an 8 HP diesel pump that guzzled a lot of fuel and required constant mainentance. After installing the solar irrigation pump, they have been able to cut the costs of fuel, operation and maintenance. They have seen an increase in their income and production from the aquaculture farm. The family has been successfully engaged in aquaculture for the past two years. Solar irrigation has provided them reliable access to water and made their work much easier. They are also enjoying other advantages of the system –– no labour, no fuel costs, no transportation costs, no pollution, and its user friendliness.  

They plan to expand their farm in the future. Right now they only have one pond for aquaculture. They are hoping to invest in more land and dig more ponds. They have redirected most of the profit made in the past two years back into the farm, with the hope that they will be able to increase their revenue. The farm is a family business, especially now since the solar irrigation system is so easy to use and all the household members can get involved. They hope to grow into a more profitable commercial aquaculture farm in the coming years. Solar technology is new to them, and it has paid off so far. They also want to adopt other modern practices and technology, as they believe that would bring them more success. Shyari spends most of his time working on the farm and also runs his clothing business. 

Right now his children are busy pursuing their education. They will choose occupations they are interested in. However Shyari would like to see them take up agriculture and take over the family farm someday. He often gives advice and information to people who visit his farm to witness the solar pump. People from his community and other VDCs are very interested in the technology, much like Shyari was in the beginning.