Setting up the Godavari springshed as a model for future trainings

3D model of Godavari springshed at the Godavari Knowledge Park

In partnership with ACWADAM, the project has installed a 3-D model of the Godavari landscape at the ICIMOD Knowledge Park in Godavari, Kathmandu, Nepal. The model was installed after the completion a spring inventory, multiple hydrogeological surveys, and regular monitoring of areas around 14 springs that supply water to settlements in and around Godavari. The model will be used as a capacity-building tool.

Implementation of spring revival activities in the Godavari springshed

The project will carry out spring revival work in selected springs in the Godavari springshed. Suitable watershed activities will be carried out in the identified recharge areas to increase and sustain spring discharge. This activity strengthens the vision of using the site as a scientific laboratory to understand long-term changes in spring flow.