Social mobilisers Samikshya B.K. (left) and Sarmila Sunar (right) being introduced to mobile banking by an e-Sewa employee

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, access to and familiarisation with modern technological capacities is essential. Understanding the needs of the Dhungentar community and gradually introducing appropriate technologies can not only make daily activities more convenient but also promote growth and learning among the younger generation. 

Accordingly, to increase access to basic services, e-Sewa, a Nepalese e-commerce company, recruited Samikshya B.K. as a local vendor. B.K., who also works as a social mobiliser for the project, offers online payment services such as mobile phone recharge, TV subscription payment, utilities payments, and travel bookings. In this manner, access to various other services can also be offered in due course of time, allowing Dhungentar to transform into a smart village. 

Moreover, four Dell computers donated by World Distribution Nepal were set up at the project field office in Dhungentar for the purpose of providing informal training to the social mobilisers. These computers will later be placed in the multipurpose community centre for use by locals. To facilitate learning and communication, Nepal Telecom has set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in the community centre. Expanding capabilities in this way can modernise the community and improve access to knowledge and services exponentially.

Hear from the people

“So many locals approach me these days to recharge their mobile phone account or pay their monthly TV charges. People used to go all the way to Battar for these services; it takes almost 2 hours if you walk. I provide e-Sewa services here as a vendor, and they’re all happy they can get work done here. Oh it’s quite easy to do: you have an account that you have to log into, just like Facebook. Then you recharge whatever you need. Of course, the internet connection here is very unreliable, so that affects business. But hopefully things improve with time. I’m not sure if people know about all the things you can do online to make things easier. With time the village will become more used to this. We can slowly introduce online payments for water, electricity, travel … Then everyone can use this service, and that will be good business for me too!” 
- Samikshya B.K. (pictured with an e-Sewa employee), Archale