Water and Health


The new irrigation canal near the Dhand–Archale bridge

During construction of the Dhand-Archale trail road, a traditional irrigation canal was obstructed. Hence, a new irrigation canal (length = 16 m; width = 0.58 m) was constructed along the trail to regulate irrigation of nearby lands. An HDP pipe (pressure = 2.5 kg/cm; diameter = 6"; length = 5 m) was also installed for cross-drainage.


Ongoing construction of the health clinic in Dhand

A one-day survey on community health and personal hygiene was conducted by students of Trishuli Medical College in February 2018 to identify areas of action. According to the 2016 social survey conducted by the project as well as a one-day survey on community health by Trishuli Medical College, rheumatoid arthritis, blood pressure, and asthma were found to be common health problems among Dhungentar locals. With the nearest hospital 7 km away in Battar and the nearest health post 2 km away in Khadka Bhanjyang, there was an acute need for a health clinic within the settlement for basic health check-ups and first aid. Hence, a two-room, 294 sq. ft. health clinic was constructed next to the multipurpose community centre in Dhand. In coordination with local government bodies, a trained medical expert will be placed on duty at the health clinic. 


The newly constructed irrigation canal near the Dhand–Archale bridge 
Children playing in a rivulet in Dhand