Community Spaces

The multipurpose community centre in Dhand

Community spaces offer physical platforms for the development of social bonds and networks, strengthening a community’s resilience and capacity. Such spaces improve individual wellbeing and stimulate community participation and civic engagement. With increased community interaction and civic engagement, the community-building process becomes more democratic and the benefits are universal.  

Multipurpose Community Centre 

With financial support from Nabil Foundation, a multipurpose community centre was constructed in Dhand to create a venue that facilitates community mobilisation and capacity building. The 1,810 sq. ft. centre, designed by Skybridge Limited and further improved by Sarosh Pradhan & Associates, will accommodate group activities such as meetings of the local community organisations, workshops, and trainings and provide community services such as health camps and child care. It will also serve as an information technology centre, with locals receiving access to the four Dell computers contributed by World Distribution Nepal. With separate toilets for males and females, the centre can also be used as an emergency operation centre.

The 6,502 sq. ft. land for the centre was purchased by the project in the name of the Dhungentar Reconstruction and Development Community to ensure that the community maintains ownership of the structure and determines future functions. 


A chautari in rural Nepal is a platform around a centrally located tree in the community that is commonly used as a resting space or assembly point for announcements, events, or community meetings. Chautari offers space for community engagement and is an important part of information flow in the community. Accordingly, a chautari in Dhungentar was improved to enable community bonding and beautify an important community landmark. 


The 1,581 sq. ft. multipurpose community centre will serve as a communal venue 
Ongoing construction of the multipurpose community centre in Dhand 
Locals gather at the chautari in Dhand
The improved chautari in Dhand
The new multipurpose community centre in Dhand