National Training on 'Space‐based Information for Disaster Preparedness and Risk Assessment'

The main objective of the training is to allow disaster management communities with easy, quick and accurate access to disaster information and dissemination through the support of space agencies and disaster charter for improved understanding on disaster monitoring and planning, rapid response system during recovery phase. More specifically it aims to:
  • Share and learn experiences on the use of spacebased information in disaster preparedness and risk assessment;
  • Provide hands-on experience on using wide-range of satellite datasets both optical and microwave data, preparation of flood inundation products and analysis on flood damage; 
  • Analyze flood damage on crop affected areas and flood risk assessment using GIS tools; and
  • Disseminate disaster products and demonstrate flood visualization using ERDAS tool
A week-long training aims to provide comprehensive overview of use of space-based information for disaster preparedness and risk assessment with special emphasis on flood mapping and monitoring. Furthermore, the training will increase the awareness of managers and decision-makers involved in disaster management of the potential benefits of using space-based technologies. 

For more information, download the programme document [PDF].