Key Achievements

  • Launched activities relating to water, energy, and hazard management in 2014. National and international experts identified local issues in the UIB together with communities. 
  • Established the Upper Indus Basin Network (UIBN). State-of-the-art knowledge was shared in UIB network meetings and through the Indus Basin Knowledge Platform (IBKP). Three IBKPs were organized—in Kathmandu (2016), Colombo (2017), and Vienna (2018). Linkages have been established with other networks active in the Indus Basin. A collaboration workshop was held between the UIBN and the Indus Forum (2017). 
  • Promoted gender perspectives among technical working groups. A conscious decision was made in 2018 to integrate gender within the UIB governance framework, both at the vision level and through all layers of governance.