Hi-RISK Activities

The HYCOS User Phase has three major action areas:

  1. Assess approaches and pathways related to flood information management to improve end user connectivity. 
    • Identify gaps in all four pillars of FEWS in Nepal, with a focus on dissemination and communication through desk research, key informant interviews, surveys, and stakeholder consultations.
    • Document case studies on good practices associated with communicating flood early warning, including the use of indigenous knowledge in FEWS in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Pakistan.
  1. Develop communication strategies at all levels. 
    • Ensure that flood early warnings reach those who need it most, taking into account gender equity and social inclusion (GESI).
  1. Strengthen institutions at regional, national, and local levels in terms of end-user connectivity. 
    • Streamline dissemination and communication of flood early warning across and down multiple channels to end users.
    • Improve the regional flood outlook for supporting the flood forecasting capacities of hydrometeorological agencies.
    • Share good practices on communicating flood early warning.