Reviving Connections for a Sustainable Future

Celebrating shared culture, history, and economy in the transboundary


Revitalizing cross-border linkages in trade, tourism, and culture

Humla is the gateway to Mount Kailash and a key stop on the ancient salt trade route that connects communities in the Tibetan Plateau to those in the mountains and lowlands of India and Nepal. 

Over the centuries, the unique chang–rong (north–south) connect between Humla, Nepal, and Pulan County in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China has nurtured common cultural, environmental, and socioeconomic values. 

Reviving these connections could help develop cross-border trade and tourism, while conserving the local environment and rich cultural heritage.

With this in mind, KSLCDI program with its partners from Nepal and China are celebrating cross-border travel and trade fair at Halji Village, in Humla District of Far West Nepal.

Culture and Heritage

Experience the landscape’s rich cultural heritage through an art exhibition, fashion shows, traditional music concerts, and dance performances

Trade and Economy

Harness the unique characteristics of the landscape through the power of tourism and trade at a travel and local artisans expo showcasing niche tourism products

Culinary Variety

Explore the rich culinary traditions of a landscape at the intersection of three major cultures during an open-air community feast and local food bazaar

Ecological Diversity

Discover the landscape’s rich diversity of flora, fauna, and agricultural produce at a mountain products exhibition and interactive lab