Solar pump owner: Geeta Kumari Chaudhary
District: Bara
VDC: Rampurwa, Ward 3
Command area 0.40 hectares
Current crops Commercial vegetable
Future plans Commercial vegetable & poultry farming
Solar pump installation date April 2018
“I can operate the system by myself in my husband’s absence. I do not need any help to irrigate our land.”  - Geeta Kumari

Geeta Kumari and her family have recently invested in a solar powered irrigation system. Many positive changes have taken place since the installation of the solar pump. The pump and farmland are in Geeta’s name. Because they invested in solar irrigation, the Chaudhary family has been able to increase their production and become confident about continuing their occupation. 

Before, the family relied on a 6.5 HP diesel pump. The diesel pump was often unreliable. It also demanded constant attention which the family could not give. Another downside of the diesel pump was that Mukti Narayan, her husband,  was the only one who could operate the system. Geeta was unable to maintain the pump when her husband was away. She would have to enlist help from neighbours who were often busy on their own farms. Diesel is also very expensive, so they had to deal with frequent mechanical issues and fuel costs. They needed a reliable, efficient and affordable alternative that could be operated by both Geeta and her husband.

They first came across the solar irrigation system at a demonstration site. They saw how easy the system was to operate and how effective it was. They inquired about its long-term performance, reliability, maintenance costs, fuel costs, and finally how they could invest in the system. They found the answers they had been looking for. A reliable, easy-to-use irrigation system that has no fuel or maintenance costs. Now they have more options and flexibility regarding how to use their time and their land. 

Before the installation of the solar pump, the family had tried their hand at poultry farming. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their first attempt. They could not consistently supply the required water. Now, because they have a reliable source of water, they are eager to try again in the near future. They have been cultivating cereal crops and want to expand into year-round commercial vegetable farming as it would substantially increase the family’s income. Endless possibilities have opened up with the arrival of solar irrigation and they are committed to improving their farm. Both husband and wife work side by side to manage the farm. Geeta can easily operate the system without anyone’s assistance. Their children are currently in school and will go on to study agriculture. They will return home to share what they have learned and hopefully introduce new practices and bring new insights about the family’s occupation. Solar irrigation has given the family the freedom to cultivate more or less anything they want and thus opened up endless possibilities.