Earthquake impact overview

Ruins in Archale after the 2015 earthquake

Pre-earthquake house types

  • The types of houses are classified as permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary according to the construction materials (durable or non-durable) used in walls and the roof. 
  • According to the Annual Household Survey 2015–16 by the Census Bureau of Statistics, 54% of rural houses in Nepal are constructed with mud-bonded foundation and only 15.5% have concrete roofing. 
Created with Highcharts 6.2.0Pre-earthquake house typesTemporary: 88Temporary: 88Semi-permaneet: 5Semi-permaneet: 5Permanent: 2Permanent: 2TemporaryPre-earthquake house types: 88

Post-earthquake condition of houses 

  • All houses except one were fully damaged by the earthquake. 
  • Fifteen households in Dhungentar are yet to receive red cards, which are issued by the government to owners of fully damaged houses. These red cards make earthquake victims eligible for the government’s reconstruction grant (NPR 300,000). (A recommendation for the issuance of red cards for these households was prepared by Bidur Municipality on 6 November 2017.) 

Created with Highcharts 6.2.0Post-earthquake condition of housesDamaged houses: 94Damaged houses: 94Undamaged houses: 1Undamaged houses: 1No house: 1No house: 1Damaged housesPost-earthquake condition of houses: 94

Hear from the people 

“I remember the 1990 (1934 AD) earthquake. It seemed like the earth spun towards the sky. It made everything dance. And it took everything with it—there was nothing left. The recent earthquake wasn’t as bad. But my house was flattened again. I had to struggle once again to build a new house. My youngest son helped me because he lives with me, but the rest don’t even visit me … I don’t know. That’s life. People go away, things are taken away. And it hurts. It pains me when I look at the new house. I had to sell my buffalo for it. I cry every time I see that the grass has grown wild in my field. I’m still living in my shed because I can’t move into the new house till I perform a puja. It’s ok though. I’m nearing 100, I think. I’m not scared of earthquakes. I’ve been through enough. I’ll be gone soon anyway.”

- Kanchhi Maya Tamang, Karamfedi

Key Points

  • All houses in the settlement (except one) classified as fully damaged
  • No deaths or injuries registered in the settlement due to the earthquake 
  • Archale Village designated as a landslide prone area


A damaged house in Dhand

An earthquake-affected structure in the process of being dismantled in Dhand
A damaged house in Archale
A man stands beside his damaged house in Archale
A destroyed structure in Archale, with construction activities in Dhand in the background