Integrated Watershed Management

Integrated Watershed Management provides a framework to integrate natural resource management with community livelihoods in a sustainable way. This action area (AA) addresses the issues of degradation of natural resources, soil erosion, landslides, floods, frequent droughts and desertification, low agricultural productivity, poor water quantity and quality and poor access to land and related resources from an integrated watershed management perspective. The AA addresses the new and upcoming challenges and opportunities for the HKH region in the contexts of payment for ecosystem services (PES) and climate change at the watershed level focusing on three eco-regions – humid, sub-humid, and arid and semi-arid areas.

The approaches include:

  • development and implementation of regional research programmes/projects in collaboration with local partners and organisations, regional and international universities and research institutes, and other ICIMOD programmes; 
  • scaling up of good IWM practices by building on past experience and creating new experience from different eco-regions, new methods, technologies and options; and
  • dissemination and sharing of knowledge through vibrant networks, workshops, training, exposure visits, resource books, how to do manuals, posters, feature articles, leaflets, CDs, multimedia tools and others.


  1. To develop, test, and pilot equitable PES methodologies for watershed services in the HKH region
  2. To develop and test, through assessments and research, suitable watershed management strategies that address adaptation to climate change
  3. To build capacities of watershed managers to help scale up good watershed management practices
  4. To support policy development in integrated use of watershed resources.