Consultation on Soft Approaches for Achieving Co-benefits from Black Carbon Emissions Reductions

Current scientific and policy studies have called increased attention to the role of black carbon as significant causes of climate change, health impact, and other deleterious environmental impacts Recognizing the potential climatic and health impacts of black carbon in South Asia, the objective of this meeting is to briefly summarize the science of black carbon and to primarily consult with stakeholders to identify and assess mitigation actions. The identification and assessment will involve community organizations, research organizations, government agencies, and academia. 

The agenda for the workshop includes an informational session on the first day and a feedback session on the second day. The informational session will include information on the impacts of black carbon; soft approaches as mitigation activities; and co-benefits of mitigation activities in the residential, transportation, and industrial sectors. 

The feedback session will have breakout sessions that will identify specific mitigation activities. The consultation will also assist in assessing the activities with respect to attributes such as 
  • Climate benefits 
  • Health Benefits 
  • Costs 
  • Barriers 
  • Opportunities 
  • Co-benefits 
  • Required interventions 
  • Sustainability 
  • Time horizon 
  • Ability to monitor and measure results 

Expected results of the workshop are: 
  • Assessment of ongoing activities including mitigation activities 
  • Identification of future activities including specific mitigation activities to take forward