ICIMOD observes third open house day

13 Mar 2011


With the backdrop of celebrating the UN International Year of Forests 2011, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) organised its third annual ICIMOD Open House Day at its premises in Khumaltar on Saturday, March 12. The Centre opened its doors to welcome its partners, the development community, the private sector, and the public at large to an exciting knowledge-rich and fun-filled event which attracted more than 2,500 visitors. 

An array of activities such as programme guided tours, a photo exhibition, technology demonstrations, documentary shows, a street drama, a mountain quiz, stalls showcasing knowledge and products, and games and food stalls created a festival like ambience at the open house.

The photo exhibition drew attention to human activities threatening the sustenance of forest cover, depicted various goods and services, proposed sustainable forest management options, and finally identified institutional and governance mechanisms to ensure sustainable management.    

Some of the messages on the ‘Tree of Hope’, a popular activity, showed much awareness and interest on the visitors’ part. While one read ‘If one baby born, plant two baby plants’, another said, ‘Save the green. Save the energies. Then save yourself.’

Presented by a British Council Climate Champion, Ram Babu Regmi, the forum theatre ‘Bodh’ was much appreciated. A student of Bright Future School, Satdobato, 14-year-old Bibek Ghimire noted, “I learned that garbage can be made into compost manure and if we use it, it will increase vegetable production.” Nirpesh Adhikari, a teacher at Children’s Model High School, remarked, “The drama makes people aware about the greenhouse effect and the remedies to minimise its destructive impact.”

One of the demonstrations put on by ICIMOD showed the process of ice melting under direct sun exposure with and without debris cover, and under a shaded area. ICIMOD staff and climate change expert, Dr Arun Bhakta Shrestha stated, “The demonstration made viewers see how separate conditions such as direction of sunlight, shade, and debris cover, can make a difference in the melting process and how it contributes to meltwater generation.” 

ICIMOD would like to thank all the participants for their contributions to an inspiring and successful event.  

For more information contact:
Ms Nira Gurung
Communications Officer, ICIMOD